Network Security

Network Security

Protect Your Assets With Network Security

There are many horror stories about how a network security breach cannot only severely damage small and medium-sized business owners with financial and property losses, but also seriously impact the customers who entrusted their personal information to these companies.

Your computer systems need to have network security implemented in order to prevent sabotage.

ATG customizes a Security solution plan for:

  • Acceptable use to specify what types of network activities are allowed and which ones are prohibited
  • Email and Communication
  • Antivirus to protect against viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other threats
  • Identity to safeguard your network
  • Strong passwords and protection of those passwords
  • Encryption technology to protect network data
  • Employee Online Security Training

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Vendors Supply, Inc. is a vending foods distributor with multiple locations servicing most of the Eastern United States. We are highly dependent on reliable computer and data communication services. Bill Lynch and his team at Asset Technology Group (ATG) have provided us with user and network engineering and administrative services and equipment for our entire network for more than ten years. More importantly, they have kept us up and running and able to provide the outstanding customer service that has been the key to our own business success and growth. Their immediate response to occasional urgent issues is outstanding. Bill is continuously offering us the latest technology solutions to insure the performance and security necessary to meet the increasingly difficult challenges in today’s cyber world. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ATG.

Ed Henderson
Controller, Vendors Supply, Inc.

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