Managed IT Services Frees Your Time So You Can Do What You Do Best- Run Your Business!

Your business depends on technology, but that doesn’t mean you need to hire in-house IT support personnel to sit around waiting for something to go wrong. With Managed IT Services, our highly-skilled IT engineers provide 24/7 support without the cost of staffing your own IT department.

Not only do we work quickly to resolve your issues, we take a proactive approach to help prevent your business from experiencing unforeseen issues and down-time.

Some of the “must-have” “money -saving” “down-time disaster-preventing” benefits of Managed IT Services are as follows…

  • All-inclusive IT: Predictable budgeting with a monthly flat-rate fee that includes hardware and software updates.
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Remote Services: To give you peace of mind knowing your systems are always safe, even after office hours.
  • Internet Router Monitoring & Management: Let us take the pain away from dealing with appliances, your internet company, and taking time to troubleshoot internet issues.
  • Hosted Email Support: For all things email, we manage this for you.  From management of your users, to troubleshooting issues, we are your email professionals!
  • Proactive Maintenance: To prevent downtime by pin-pointing and fixing potential problem makers before they creep up.
  • Managed Firewalls: To prevent potential online threats to your business with our range of application control, antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection, web filtering, network security management and reporting solutions.
  • Security Training: As a Managed Services client, your team receives online security training!  Education of all things computer-related, including tips for staying safe while working on the internet, email security, proper password management, education of how to identify a phishing email… and more!  90% of all ransomware attacks are due to human error.  We educate your staff of the risks we take everyday and how to keep your network safe from potential attacks.
  • Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Anti-malware: We provide first-in-class network security solutions with proven excellence!
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: Secure and reliable backups of your data is crucial.  As we say, you are only as good as your last backup!  We provide daily backups of your data and create a detailed business continuity plan should a disaster present itself.
  • Zero Trust policies: It is our duty to implement the best technologies to effectively protect you against evolving cyber threats.  A zero trust policy-driven endpoint solution helps protect your data from exploited files, protects your environment from threats with user controls, and with 24-hour monitoring you can have peace of mind that your company’s systems are safe from attacks and protected from both known and unknown malware.
  • Third-party & vendor management: We are your middle-man when dealing with third-party software and situations you find yourself in where you need a technical person to intervene.  We are well-versed in many business applications and common programs used by municipalities.  No more phone calls or support tickets with your business application vendors!  We act on your behalf and work to receive complete resolution for your IT issues.

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Our relationship with Asset Technology Group, as a Managed Services IT Provider, has been a very gratifying experience for us. They have a great “Can Do Attitude” on every IT issue that we have encountered. The response time that we receive from ATG is phenomenal, creating a valuable and refreshing relationship.
They upgraded our PCs as well as our wiring closet which has resulted in a smoother running day to day operation. As we utilize software and vendors for important daily functions, the team is always willing to reach out to those contacts to ensure processes run efficiently and are more than willing to hop on to fix an issue quickly.
I would highly recommend Asset Technology Group to any business entity that values competence, timely and reliable service, and friendly customer relationships.

Ellen Berry
Executive Vice-President, Dedicated Community Bank, Darlington, South Carolina

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