Eliminate Large Capital Outlays With A Flat-Fee

You Do Not Have To Break The Bank On Hardware- HaaS (Hardware As A Service) Eliminates Large Capital Outlays With A Flat-Fee

You do not have to struggle any longer- we will handle your in-house needs! With Asset Technology Group HaaS (Hardware as a Service) solutions, you can avoid the headaches and have the latest technology for your computer, server and network equipment without wasting your precious time to constantly maintain and upgrade.

The flat-fee model takes the strain out of unexpected expenditures- you are able to budget more efficiently and rest easier knowing ATG Engineers are always nearby to help with any issues, allowing you to keep doing what you do best.

HaaS plans provide:

  • Enhanced productivity through better technology
  • Access to any combination of application and operating systems
  • Fixed monthly expenses
  • 24/7 support and proactive maintenance and updates
  • Scalability to prove as you grow, we grow with you

When combined with Managed IT Services, these solutions provide crucial proactive management and maintenance needed for your business to run smoothly.

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Asset Technology Group provides Managed Services for the Fourth Circuit Solicitors Office for South Carolina. Biggest benefit?! We have 24-hour IT service, when needed! The team is extremely knowledgeable, patient and hard-working. They are always looking for ways to improve the “system,” researching options and educating us before any changes are made. And I just like everyone there because they are so easy to work with!

Jessica Hammonds
Administrator, Fourth Circuit Solicitor's Office of South Carolina

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